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The child

The child It ceases to satisfy and the artist as he quickly forgets that it represented.

The child starts to apply graphic images available to it only to the image of those subjects which have some similarity to these graphic images.

At the same time he tries to look for new graphic images.

Subjects for which at the child of graphic images is not present i.


there is no idea of how they can be represented, it not only does not draw itself, but also refuses to draw at the desire of adults.

So, one boy refused flatly to draw the house, the little man and a birdie, but itself willingly offered Give I will better draw, as write.

You want, I will draw a short flight of stairs During this period the circle of represented subjects is sharply limited.

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Many of them

Many of them Well and we from ~ in undercover from adults the world of children also we will start to get acquainted with itfrom visit of terrible places to which the following head will be devoted.

Photo M of SanfirovAaoneay i aeoeeaiinauaieyno aoiuo ianoAeaaa Aeaaa Aeaaa Aeaaa Aeaaato this we begin a sign ~aim with undercover from ~ly parties of children's territorial behavior.

Many of them are based on violation ~ny ban.

And a ban quite reasonable, with not ~which obkhodimost any will agree ~shchy person of any age.

But children are guided here not by reason.

What ~that unclear, but mighty force counter to reason and ~ attracts children crossing this banor at least to stand at a dangerous threshold and a feather ~to live something allimportant without what there will be a work ~but to live further.

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Researches It is incorrect to limit, as it do sometimes, a material with which the child, acts with twothree forms and threefour flowers.

Researches show that the child of the third year of life can quite acquire ideas of fivesix forms a circle, an oval, a square, a rectangle, a triangle, a polygon and eight flowers red, orange, yellow, green, dark blue, violet, white, black.

How development of perceptions and formation of ideas of properties of subjects at early age is connected with development of speech of the child The most part of words which are acquired by children to threeyear age, designates subjects and actions.

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Eventually, in public

Eventually, in public The small person from outside is not able to look at itself, but he will perfectly feel, as it is inconvenient to choose purchases useful, necessary and at the same time to calm .

And generally, if know for the child such slabinka persistently to elicit, steer clear of temptation.

Eventually, in public gardens and parks it is more useful than walk, than campaigns on bustling streets and shops.

Actually a problem Buy, I want! not in children, and in us, parents.

To what we will accustom that and we will receive.

Zaryana and Nina Nekrasova.

What to do, if.

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CARRYING FOR BABIES You notice that the face of the kid shines, when he sees you.

He watches moving subjects better, quickly moving following the look.

CARRYING FOR BABIES When choose carrying for the kid, pay attention to that it was wide, with the steady basis protecting the kid from a perevorachivaniye and a travmirovaniye of the head.

The kid notices the fingers The kid spends a lot of time behind examining of the hands.

He likes to watch movement of fingers.

It can connect hands together or suck a cam.

The child wants to touch everything what only can reach.

If the child threw a subject which was at it in a hand, he does not look for it.

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